Opportunity to be Transformed

During this isolating season, Bishop Greg recognises an opportunity to be transformed. Access Bishop Greg’s homily directly with the link below.


“You’ll say to me, “what can we do now because what you say to us Bishop, is about what will happen in the future?” Which I’m quite confident of.
I will say this to you now, recognise where we are being taken. We are not being taken into death, but, into a new form of life and experience of life. My recommendation, in fact, is what I am doing myself. Every day I’m recognising life. Every day I’m pleased to be alive. Every day I see new things. Every day I delight in the gift that God has given me.
You might be fearful. You might be locked up at home. You might be isolated. But, nevertheless, you can find joy” (Bishop Greg, Fifth Sunday of Lent).